My weekly favourites at Topshop.

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Topshop Summer Check Scarf £18.00

The check pattern is currently a trend and I really like the pastel colours used, very pretty! It would look great with a plain top to make it stand out and be your statement accessory, or clashing prints has also been a trend this year so this could be another option!

Topshop Asymmetric Wrap Mini Skirt £25.00

I’m a huge fan of the wrap skirts lately and I think this topshop version would be a great item to own. It can be dressed up or down making it versatile and trendy at the same time! The price is also affordable, what more could you want?

Topshop Embroidered Floral Kimono £45.00

I really like the design of this kimono, it’s feminime and pretty whilst also having a grunge look to it with the main colour being black and the use of tassells.

Topshop Premium Multi Row Flower Necklace £45.00

I love a statement necklace and this necklace caught my eye. It’s super cute, and I love the use of colours used to make it bold and classy. Less is definitely more with this accessory.


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