My favourite celebrity outfits for this week!

Olivia Palermo

I am a huge fan of Olivia Palermo’s style, she always looks stylish…even when dog walking! (shown below). I really like this smart casual look Olivia is sporting here and the use of neon colours to make a statement. 


Emma Watson

Emma Watson’s style is very much simple yet classy and always on trend. She can definitely pull off the “less is more” look (which is evident from the photo below). 


Ellie Goulding

I’m not usually fan of Ellie Goulding’s style, however for Fashion Week I really liked the blue gown she wore. It’s so sleek and simple and I love the gold neck detail.


Chelsea Leyland

I am a huge fan of Chelsea’s style, and I love the way she uses a range of different textures and colours in this outfit, it works really well. She can work any look whether it be vintage or modern.




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