Techno jeans?! Yep you got it.

So to kickstart June I have decided to create a post dedicated to an all time favourite clothing item of mine- jeans. We all love a good pair right?

As we probably all know, technology is always advancing and rumour has it that Google has partnered with Levi’s to create Project Jacquard, ‘A high-tech clothing initiative’. They have created fabric that has technology woven into the products. But what does it do? Currently, Levi’s and Google are not giving away detailed information, however they have stated the technology is ‘Sound and what the garments can do depends on the apps that are created for it’. Best of all, there are no modifications required to incorporate the technological element, so your classic Levi jeans will be exactly the same!


“This isn’t a launch, it’s a platforming opportunity,” Paul Dillinger, vice president of innovation for the Levi’s brand, told WWD. “It becomes a home to new forms and applications we haven’t thought of yet. The potential is that the input is the gesture – crossing your legs, swiping, saving, lifting.”

Will you be buying the new jeans?


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